CCAA and CLLA Information


The Commercial Law League of America (“CLLA”) is an organization that represents creditor interests and administers cases that result from commercial (mostly debt-related) disputes. Founded in 1895, the CLLA hires a staff of trained finance and credit specialists and attorneys, who professionally deal in commercial law with an emphasis on bankruptcy and insolvency.


The Commercial Collection Agency Association was founded in 1972, and today it is part of the Commercial Law League of America (“CLLA”), which was one of the first bodies ever to standardize commercial practices. It is on a mission to ensure high quality of debt collection services and find legal and effective ways of solving problems that result from customers’ debts. CLLA and CCAA protect creditors’ rights and operate in the sphere of commerce and jurisprudence.

All members are capable of processing claims throughout the United States, regardless of a member's location.

For a list of CLLA-certified agencies, please click here.