Collection Agency Certification Information

And other facts to check before applying for collection agency services

Many businesses have to deal with the nasty experience of not getting paid for services they have provided. It happens when clients and/or customers refuse to pay for various reasons. In this situation, a business could use different methods of getting the money back. Some companies apply to collection agencies and hand debts over to their employees. Others avoid using collection services, because many of them are notoriously tough on debtors and use methods that are far from legal. Therefore, businesses should use a systemic approach to choosing a collection agency.

CCAA Cretification

There are collection agencies, which hold the certificate of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). The certification procedure is aimed at proving the legitimacy of methods they use and their reputation. As long as debt collection is regulated by federal law paper, these agencies should live up to a handful of parameters. For example, they should comply with the licensing and registration laws (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), the requirements of the Debt Collection Practices Act, must have four years of experience, have at least five employees on staff. Certification requirements and a list of certified collection agencies are available on the CLLA’s official website. All agencies listed here are members of the Commercial Collection Agency Association.


License Information

It is common for states to ensure that collection agencies have the license to operate within their territories. It is always easier for a business to hire a domestic agency than a foreign one. However, there are collection organizations, which are licensed to work in all 50 states. Users can search for agencies in a list provided by ACA International. Also, there is a list, which contains licensing requirements that are valid in each particular state.

Experience of Working in the Sphere

It is advisable for businesses to choose collection agencies that specialize in their industries. They should be aware of the subtleties of working in a particular area. Please, choose one that has experience with clients dealing in activities that are similar to those your company is dealing with. Ask your accountant, trade organization, or lawyer for information and advice.

Stable Communication with the Agency, who surrender indebted customers to collection agencies, want to know how they treat these customers. Also, there are ones that are content with being informed when the debt is discharged. Anyway, businesses should do their best to get agencies to operate in ways that they find suitable and justified. They should discuss beforehand with agencies the pattern of communication, for example, how many times per month a customer will be informed on the collection process.

Appropriate Debt Collection Tactics

The collection methods used in the collection company shpould be appreciated and pre-discussed so that the chosen collection agency operated in such a way as not to compromise the customer's reputation. For example, it is normal to ask the agency to loosen grip on the indebted one if he or she is dealing with financial problems. Please, discuss with the agency the methods, which you find acceptable, and be sure that it is going to work in a legal way, so that you feel comfortable.

Checking feedback from customers operating in the area is nother way to make sure that the collectors communicate and treat debtors exactly like it has been settled with them.